If you have already left church because you are simply done with church, or if you are considering it and wondering: “is there life after the institutional church?” then this page may be for you!

The purpose of this blog is to point out the literally millions of people who are leaving institutional churches all the time (up to 30 million so far!). Then, of course, there are the many who are almost at the point of being done with church.

Is this you? Are you looking for more but you are not sure what that “more” exactly is? Perhaps you want to know Jesus in a deeper way. Perhaps you are looking for more of a true community life with other believers. Perhaps you are looking for more freedom to serve the Lord and minister to people. Perhaps you are searching for more reality and a more free flowing natural way to relate to other believers and the world. Or perhaps you have a real desire that God would have HIS true Church, Body, Bride, and House.

If any of these questions ring a bell in your heart than you have come to the right blog!

There are many all over America that are looking for these same things. They are also looking for other “dones” with the same journey and heart for “MORE”. Some are discovering Christ and his Church in a new, fresh and deeper way then anything they could imagine. If that sounds awesome to you then please click on the link below that will take you to a form to fill out. The purpose of this form is simply to put you in touch with other who have the same heart. There is no commitment required and we promise to never share your information without your permission first. However, if we know of others who are in your area then we will ask you if you want to contact them and we will help to facilitate that. Please fill out the form below:

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